The Desolation Of Smaug - A Review

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Yes readers, I did it. I went to the the second movie of 'The Hobbit" in theaters. It was exciting, epic, with hints of disappointment throughout. I was a little sad on how some of the parts seemed fake and a little unrealistic but overall it was EPIC! 
Let me tell you about some of the main characters (new and old) and how they did, along with the pros and cons and my overall thoughts.....

* Caution! Major Spoiler ALERT! If you want the no spoilers, just don't read!*

Richard Armitage as Thorin...

OK. this guy is completely amazing! He is one of my favorite characters in the Hobbit (other then Fili and Kili) and I enjoyed him just as much or more so in this movie!
 In The Desolation Of Smaug, this actor rocked his part! Thorin is thrust into more problems in this film as he tries to make it to the mountain in time to open the door into his home where he lived before Smaug the dragon came and took over.
We see a man who wants to reclaim his homeland from the dragon. A man who dislikes the elves (as seen in the first) because of their lack of help in fighting Smaug, and how he respects Bilbo a little more now. Richard Armitage did really good for Thorin and really brought the character to life!

Dean O'Gorman as Fili and Aidan Turner as Kili...


 I loved Fili and Kili in the first movie but in this one, they were even more awesome. 
Kili's story takes a little different twist when he begins to like a girl elf (more on that later), which was really cool but at first a little awkward. 
Their devotion for Thorin is really inspiring and I felt really bad for Kili when he couldn't go with Thorin and the rest to Smaug's "home" but Fili (the awesome brother he is), stayed behind as well with his brother.

Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel....

For all those who do not know, Tauriel is a woman warrior elf. I haven't read the books but I do know that she wasn't in them. She did make the movie a little better, though her constant stunts did make me a little weary. 
She saves Kili several times and I think begins to like him (even though he is a dwarf). She goes after Kili when he get's hit by a poisoned Orc arrow and tries to save his life. It was really sweet and well put together. Her costume was pretty amazing as well!

Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman....

A new edition to the movie, Bard helps the dwarves escape the orcs and as I learned from friends, kills the dragon later on (I'm guessing it will be in the last movie). This guy kinda reminded me of Aragorn in ways and was fantastic. 

Marin Freeman as Bilbo....

Ahhh Bilbo - hilarious and simply an amazing Hobbit. I can't count how many times I laughed at his actions in the Hobbit and Peter Jackson found an awesome person to play Bilbo. 
In this film, Bilbo plays a BIG part in helping the dwarves escape from the elves, giant spiders (oh so creepy ones I might add), and finally help get into the cave where Smaug has lived for many years. 
Martin Freeman did an amazing job! 

I wish I could describe all the characters in greater detail, like Gandalf, but let me continue on with my review....

This movie of all the LOTR and hobbit movies, had the most killing of orcs and small battle type moments. Peter Jackson almost made it look too easy. Also the close up action left me really dizzy from seeing it on the big screen! Legolas easily killed orcs without so much as breathing hard and stunts were pulled  off by the elves that made it look very fake at times. That saddened me, because in Lord Of The Rings, Legolas didn't flip and jump around as much - it made it too different.
Speaking of Legolas.... I didn't like him this time at all. 

Compare the two. Left is The Desolation of Smaug, the other Lord Of The Rings. He looked waayy too old in this new movie.  His whole mannerism changed and he was too spoiled for me. I know it has been quite some time since Orlando Bloom played Legolas in the other films, but he still looked much too different.
I just didn't like him!!! Sorry to all you fans of him on this movie - he just wasn't for me. He still had the awesome elf feel about him, but he looked different and I noticed tiny things like his hair color was different and the like. Also he liked Tauriel and I really wanted her to get with Kili, but it all worked out. 

Some of the scenes were amazing though! The dwarves in barrels, going down the river..... I don't know why I enjoyed this so much! Haha. And then when Kili got shot, I thought for sure he'd get killed! 

Overall I liked the movie pretty well and the adventure left me breathless. Smaug was awesome, his voice creepy and very deep - much like I think I dragon's would be. Gandalf was still the wise one and the one to follow in your times of trouble.
 Peter Jackson did a good job at making this movie!

Bad Stuff: Kili makes a comment to Tauriel when she searches him, saying something like, "aren't you going to search inside my pants? There may be something down there." In which she replies, "or not." Not a big deal was made out of it, but the comment left me feeling awkward. 
Legolas was jealous I think, of Tauriel liking Kili. One of the dwarves was drunk under a table. Other then that, that was it. 

So how did you like the movie (if you saw it)? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? How would you have made it better if you had been the directer?

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  1. Gah! I loved it so much. It. was. just. so. no-words-to-describe-it. Epic! Amazing!
    Though I didn't like the Orcs or when that weird thing happened to Thranduil's face. o.O
    Bilbo was just so brilliant, and when he showed up with the keys to let the dwarves of the best pats in the movie! :)


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