Tolkien Tuesdays (A Day Late): Favorite Character

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So I was sitting in the living room yesterday evening when I realized that I'd forgotten "Tolkien Tuesdays"! *gasp* 

Sorry for the day-late post, but I'm doing it now and with my lil' sis Korin to join me in telling ya'll her favorite as well. ☺ 

Favorite Character

 This is one of the hardest things for me to choose ever!!! Seriously, I love all of the hobbits that play in LOTR, and Aragorn, and Faramir, and Boromir..... and then then there is Arwen, but what about Gandalf? Oh and then Legolas!!!!Oh my......
Narrowing it down quite a bit, I think I'd have to say Faramir, Boromir and Aragorn (I had to pick 3 people ☺). Here is why in really no order.

Faramir loved his brother a lot and was devoted to him (you can see a lot of that in the books). I feel so sorry for him in that fact that his father loved Boromir over him. I didn't like how he didn't get a lot of screen time in the movie but I heard he get's more in the extended (which I am dying to see!). ☺

Boromir was one of my least favorite characters when I watched "The Fellowship Of The Ring" the first time, but as I read the books and learned more about him, he became one of my favorites. His love for Faramir and just the fact that he died to save the hobbits was incredible and oh so sad. His last words to Aragorn showed why I like him a lot. 

Aragorn is the other big fave of mine (my #1 actually). His humbleness even though he was to be King was huge. He had really awesome qualities and just who Aragorn was, made him one of my top favorite people in Middle Earth. Also he was amazing with the sword and Viggo Mortensen did an amazing job playing Aragorn! 

Now for Korin to give her favorite....

It's really hard to pick, but in the end, my favorite character probably would be Frodo. I like how dedicated he was to bring the ring to Mordor, and how no one thought much of the hobbits, but Frodo proved that hobbits were more brave than anyone had guessed. 

So who was your fave character? Do you agree with our choices or disagree? 
Have a great day everyone!

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