Lord, send me!

1:53 PM

I've been listening to a song called God Of The Impossible, by a Christian band 'Everfound'. It has really encouraged me and got me thinking. 
In the song the lyrics constantly say, "Lord, send me!". When God tells me to do something I want to be the one saying 'Lord, I'll do it - just give me the directions.' This is easier said then done of course because what God tells us can often be difficult to understand, but with God's help we will have strength to do the impossible. 
I'm posting the music video to the song below (I couldn't find the lyrics sadly), if you want to listen to it. ☺

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  1. Kara, I love this song! I heard about Everfound on the news, surprisingly, and looked them up. What a great surprise to find out that they are Christians and have a strong testimony! I love the song that talks about missions.


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