Mini Book Reviews ( Carolina Gold, Realm Walkers, And Destination Unknown)

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Hey everyone!
I haven't have too much time for reading, but got threes books - two off Zondervan and one off booksneeze, and they found their way into my spare time. Below is just little reviews on them ☺

About the book...
It's her senior year in High School, and Whitney Richards is tired of the pressure to be perfect....

I loved, loved, loved this book! I was a little skeptical about reading it at first, since I'm not big on how teenage fiction is written, but this one is very epic!
Whitney is failing in math (which I can easily relate to) when her mom get's her a tutor, (much to Whitney's dismay). She learns though, that the boy teaching her, is unlike any she's met before. He's kind and doesn't expect her to be perfect - he even encourages her walk with the Lord. 
This book really inspired me and I was thrust into the life of a girl who feels her life is just so confusing. I really recommend this book!

About the book...

Canter has the gift to go between the realms of his world, but when he has to work with a hard-to-be-around dragon, will he have faith enough to carry on?
OK, I don't know really why I chose to get this book. Perhaps it was the fact that I love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis' books so much that I hoped this would be some like it. I really didn't like this book at all though. I skipped pages and though the author had a good story line, I had a hard time getting into the whole story. Also it was a little weird and hard to understand. 
Some people may like this book, but it was totally a least favorite for me. 

About the book....

Returning to her late father's rice plantation Charlotte is determined to get it back in working condition. The farm is in ruins and money runs scarce. It will be hard work to get everything how it was - though Charlotte knows that things will never be truly the same again - too much has changed since the civil war.  
When she finally agrees to tutor her neighbor's motherless children her life is once again changed....
I thought this book good at times and with a good storyline but it lacked what I really wanted - action. There was also some parts that I wished went deeper - like perhaps more description on what was going on or simply more thoughts from the characters. 
It was a good book, though and I loved the southern style. Seriously, sometimes I wished I lived down south (only once and awhile though ;). Other then some lack of things, it was an OK book overall. 

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  1. These look like great books! I need to get them. :)


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