Snow is Holding Me Captive

11:51 AM

It's been snowing like crazy here! The snow has literally held me captive from going to church or really anywhere. The picture above is not the best and taken from the porch, but it is a glimpse of what I've seen everyday for about a week now. It's funny how such tiny flakes can hold you back from going anywhere and make such a mess of everything once it begins to melt! I love snow but right now spring sounds really good to me. We have what - three more months until there is hopefully warm weather, green grass, and flowers? ☺
Right before another batch of snow came this afternoon the sun was shining - reflecting on the snow and making it sparkle. The shade under the trees looked almost blue from where I stood, and it was so gorgeous! God is such an amazing artist! I think sometimes we tend to look at how stuff hinder us from doing what we want instead of the blessing and gift of it. 
Snow is good time for taking pictures, sled riding (which I want to do more of), and snuggling under a fuzzy blanket with a good book by Robin Jones Gunn, or perhaps watching "The Lost Medallion" or "Tangled" with my family. I also love how silent it get's right after the first snowfall. Here it is dead silent outside - as if a blanket was thrown over the noise and everything is just so peaceful....

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