Tolkien Tusdays: Scene That Makes You Cry

12:57 PM

Yes, I'm behind in Tolkien Tusdays, and yes if you're new to Saved by Grace or haven't read past posts you probably don't know what it is (go here to find out), but I want to get back at it. ☺ Today is... a scene that makes you cry. Without to much thinking I'd say it's the part where Faramir's father, Denthor, tells him he wished Boromir had lived instead of Faramir, and then sends him out into a hopeless battle while Denethor sits back and eats.  The emotion of the moment and how Faramir's father shows he doesn't love his son as he should, and the tears in Farmir's eyes was really so sad and I really wanted to cry. 
What would it be for you? 

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Oh that is such a sad scene also the one where Boromir dies. :(

    1. I know - I had to decide between the two which was really hard because both were sooo sad! :(

  2. or the one when Frodo sends Sam away ...

    1. Oh yes, how could I forget that scene?! Me and my sister get teary eyed every single time we see it... :(


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