Vlog Sadness

2:34 PM

Hey everyone, 
that vlog I was going to have? Sadly, it isn't going to work out. I'm not kidding and I feel sooo bad for this! I did the vlog. I try to load it. It didn't work. It just wouldn't load on youtube and than I tried vimeo and that didn't work either. 
I'm really sorry guys! I'll have to answer the questions of the vlog by words, but not in a video. Thanks so much for asking the questions and everything - I just feel so bad!
I wish it would work because I did the video a couple times to get it right and then all you guys were so amazing for actually asking for some of the questions! ☺ 
So anyway... yeah, I wish it would work....

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  1. Well, perhaps it was for the best! But I don't know. ;) I wish you could have done it, but *sigh*. At least you will be answering the questions! :)
    ~ S. F.


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