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So here are the answers to the questions that were supposed to be in the vlog (go here to find out why I'm not having the vlog), along with some pics of me and my life to go along with it. ☺

Maria M. asks...

1) How many siblings do you have? I have five siblings

2) What inspired you to start a blog? I don't really know. ☺ I started this blog kinda randomly one day because I thought it looked really cool and would be fun to share what I wrote with others. I didn't even think I'd get 74 followers (you guys are amazing by the way!) - I mainly just started blogging for family and friends. ☺ 

Hannah asks...
1) What's your favorite color? Anything neon! Haha. My cousin got me into neon lime green a while ago when I was about eleven and I still love the color. 

2) What's your favorite TV show? The Andy Griffith show hands down! My Dad got me and my siblings into it a long time ago and we seriously can quote whole scenes from memory. 

3) What your favorite Bible verse? I love Proverbs chapter 31. It really shows how a godly woman should act and treat others. This verse here is awesome ---> "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

4) Which Blimey Cow video is your favorite? Ohhh that is hard!  I love so many of them! Possibly the one about a home schooler going to college. It is really hilarious! 

5) How long have you been homeschooled? All my life. ☺

Anonymous asks...

1) Which is your favorite music artist? Switchfoot - those guys are an amazing Christian rock band!

2) What do you think about One Direction? At first I didn't know how to answer this because I have to admit, I know really pretty much nothing about this boy band. From Pinterest (following friends' boards), I can tell you the band member's names and a few other things, but my opinion of them is kinda skeptical. I've only heard a few of their songs and I even know a Christian band called Anthem Lights who've sung one of their songs, but I have to say I don't know if 1D is the best band out there. I saw a Christian reviewer which reviewed their latest cd and some of their songs seemed to go against what God says in the Bible... What you listen, read, and think, comes out in actions and needs to be pure and clean --> Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

I won't say one way or the other or what I think about 1D, because really I don't know enough to form an opinion. 

3) What music do you recommend for a Christian teen? I could go on and on about amazing Christian artist and bands and songs, but I'll just sum it up in a few. Haha. Anyway, I don't know what kind of bands or genre of music you enjoy so I'll just give you some of my favorite Christian bands and artists...
I love Switchfoot, Anthem Lights, and another band called Everfound. There songs are upbeat and so uplifting! I really want to get more Anthem Lights cds and one by Everfound. Seriously amazing! 
I also like Third Day because they have more country type voices but mix it with some rock music, which makes it really unique - the Rhett Walker band does that as well. ☺ Also Jamie Grace, Kutless, OBB, Jars of Clay, and For King and Country, sing some amazing stuff. 
Also if you like upbeat Christian music, you may want to check out this radio station called Air1. They have stations throughout the United States and you can also listen online. They play songs from the bands I just mentioned, along with tons more! 

3) If you could go anywhere where would you go? Believe it or not, Uganda. I write a teenage girl through Compassion International and her name is Sharon. She lives in poverty and has a lot of trials going on in her life, but she is still strong in the Lord and is such a HUGE encouragement to me in my walk with Christ!

Haley asks...
1) What would your dream job be?  I really want to help others and share the gospel but in what way, I don't know. ☺

2) If you knew you had 24 hours left on this earth, what would you do and why? Haley, first of all, thanks for asking me this! I find this question extremely difficult to answer but this has gotten me thinking so much! We often don't think about dying and to put it plainly, I don't really have an answer. I mean, it's really sad, but I don't know what I would do! I'm sorry for not having an answer, but this has really gotten me thinking about life and death and how every day counts!

S.f asks...

1) Are you Left or Right handed? Both. Haha this may sound really 

weird, but I use my left for writing and my right for throwing a ball or eating. 

2) What's your favourite thing to photograph? The mountains or 

sunsets ☺

3) Do you like warm or cold weather more? Warm. Hands down. 

So that is all the questions - thanks so much to all for reading and 

asking the questions! You guys are amazing. ☺ I hope I answered 

them well enough, because sometimes I felt my answers were really 


Anyway, God bless!

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  1. Ah, so you're sort of ambidextrous? (you work with both hands.) :)
    I loved your answers, even if you didn't get to do them in a volg!
    ~ S. F.

  2. Love your answers, reminds me again of our separated-at-birth sisterhood!! lol:) love ya


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