What I've Been Up To

12:54 PM

I have been so busy of late! Homeschooling is so time consuming and I haven't really found to much time for blogging. I really want to get back into doing 'Tolkien Tuesdays' (I'm really behind on that) though, and then I am really excited for the Q&A vlog I plan on doing soon. ☺ 
So this has bee life lately....
Listening to.... "God Of The Impossible" by Everfound, and "Dirty Second Hands," from Switchfoot
Reading.... my Bible (the book of Ecclesiastes) and my Sisterhood magazines
Watching... LOTR and Robin Hood BBC  
Thinking... about summer and how I am far behind on blogging and writing my story.... ☺

I also am taking a lot of pictures (trying out a new photography book) and managed to try some new ways at taking pictures. I found out a lot about lighting from the book my Mom gave me, and new and different angles - pictures from that coming soon.
So, what has life been like for you? Anything new happening? 
And if you are wondering, the above pic was taken sometime this past fall and yes, that's my favorite quote. ☺

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I love the picture! Did you take that?

  2. Ooo...I wuv dat picture, Kara! :D It's so gorgeous. And the cat's reading it...cute!
    What do you think of Robin Hood BBC?
    ~ S. F.

    1. Hey S.F!
      I thought it was pretty good (other then the first episode or so), though me and my mom both agreed that some pretty hateful things went on in the movies. It was pretty funny at times as well and I enjoyed what I saw of it (we only watched episodes 2 and 3), I watched the first part of 1. ☺
      Oh, did you get my e-mail? Gmail is acting really crazy and I hope I replied!


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