what i've learned in the past year

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Have you ever looked back and thought, "whoa! I've come a long way!" Right now I'm still in shock that we're in 2014, and around this time I like to think about the year - what I've learned, etc. Some of these are silly and others serious ones.... ☺

I've learned that...
I need to step out of my comfort zone more and do the things God has called me

Life isn't always easy but God will never leave me and will always be there to pick you up

never swing over a pretty high fence in your good jeans while trying to take a  picture (you think will look awesome)!  I won't mention the fact that my pant leg ripped  - big time! Ohhh so embarrassing....

Trust God - He loves you and knows what's best

I need to relax and enjoy my family - not being up tight when things don't go my way 

 watching the Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey) three times in three months - believe it or not, will make you kinda get sick of it (but it is still awesome! ☺)

being content doesn't mean you have a lot or your life is all together - it just means you are happy with all God's blessings 

we are all imperfect human beings (blog post about that here)

pride goes before the fall (I've "fallen" many times this year from being too proud)

trials in life can draw us even closer to the Lord and help us become stronger then we ever were 

we shouldn't judge others by their appearance or way of living life - God looks at the heart (posted about that here)  

So that is what I've learned this 2013. I had an amazing year full of ups and downs and seriously learned so much! What is some of the highlights of your year? What is some of the things you learned? What impacted your life this past year?

Note: Pics are from this fall and winter and were taken by me ☺

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  1. Those are some of the best lessons to learn! :) Wow. Is 2014 really here? It's going to take a while for me to be convinced it really is. :D
    ~ S. F.


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