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1:11 PM

 My photography of late....

A sneak peek at my photoshoot with Korin...

Yes, that is five pictures of my photography of late. I haven't really found time to go outside and do photoshoots (it's been to cold for one thing), so I've tried inside pictures and ones from my bedroom window of the snow. I've also experimented with taking pictures of eyes, my family's cat, and just the little things in life. 
I've been....

Listening to: Jeremy Camp (he is really amazing!)
Reading: Nothing. *sigh* there really hasn't been time
Watching: Sense and Sensibility along with lots of episodes from Road to Avonlea (love, love, that show) Have you seen any of those movies?  
So what has life looked like for you lately? Lots of snow like us here perhaps?

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1 of your thoughts

  1. All very brilliant! :) I'm excited to see more from your photoshoot with Korin.
    My life has been like your photography. Brilliant.
    ~ S. F.


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