Tolkien Tuesdays: Gondor or Rohan (A Day Late)

2:58 PM

Hey everyone!
Today's is Rohan or Gondor (this post is a day late):

I would have to say Rohan. I love the country and this would just be an awesome place to live. Both are really neat though, and I loved that Aragorn was going to be King of Gondor.
Which do you prefer? 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Really, I like Gondor. The architecture, the more structured military, the siege engines, my idea of home. Rohan is a great place, but I like the Gondorian (?) armor better.

    1. Oh yes, I agree about the armor - and the architecture of Gondor was unique as well. ☺

  2. Rohan. I pick Rohan. Because I love the country, too.

  3. Rohan because all the pretty landscape and the awesome song they get ;) !


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