Life's Road

10:40 AM

I don't know if this post will make sense but it's been on my mind of late - I like to think of life and our walk with Christ as a road or better yet a hiking trail. One that leads to unknown places, places that leave you with difficult decisions, and unexpected happenings. One that you love, but other times want to quite but know if you want to make the goal you have to carry on. It's a journey you will never regret! 
In life we don't know what will happen in between our destination and the starting point, and we sometimes need to take time to stop and think before going on. With Christ you won't always have life as you planned, but it's so much more rewarding then going alone! 
With Christ we have an amazing journey to go on while we reside for a time on earth, one that leads to heaven later on and even better things. We all have a journey to walk, but we must ask ourselves - where is my destination? Where do I want to go with my life? 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Thanks for this post Kara, it was just what I needed!

  2. Beautiful words. Beautiful post. I loved it! ♥ Thank you. :)
    ~ S. F.


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