Lord of the Rings Challenge # 17: Elves or Dwarves

12:49 PM

Hey everyone!
It is time for Tolkien Tuesdays again, though you may have noticed the name change. It will still be on Tuesdays but since this is a LOTR challenge and not all of Tolkien's books, I thought I'd change  so everyone would know. I was even getting confused and last week had to remind myself it was supposed to be an answer from The Lord of the Rings and not the hobbit when I almost published a post on why I liked Tauriel. ☺
So anyway... today we have elves or dwarves! If I was speaking of the hobbit I would say dwarves because frankly I love them, but in LOTR it would be elves (sorry Gimli ☺). They are so amazing and the their language is just beautiful (I really want to learn it!!!). They helped in Helms Deep, Arwen gave up living forever to marry the man she loved, and their love for nature and the forest.... I just loved every time they came in on the books or movies. 
What is your preference?  

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3 of your thoughts

  1. Elves. Graceful, lithe, super-intellegent, and their weapons reflect that, the bows and swords. Although I would probably be a mutant six-foot dwarf- I have that same liking for heavy boots and large axes and war hammers. And I'm certainly not very graceful.

  2. Both. Really, I like both, as we all do, but I can't decide between either! :)
    ~ S. F.


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