Lord of the Rings Challenge #20: Saddest Character Death

1:52 PM

This is a simple question and very sad - Boromir was by far the saddest death (other then Haldir), and I almost cry every time I watch it. It was not only his dying, but the fact that he died saving Merry and Pippin. 
What did you think?

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2 of your thoughts

  1. I think I don't WANT to think about it. Too sad. :) But there are sad ones! *whimpers*
    ~ S. F.

  2. and i was having such a beautiful day. *sobs* why, tolkien?! CAN WE JUST NOT WITH THE PICTURE THO. fact: the first time i read of boromir's . . . eh, (i'm not saying the other word) passing, i sobbed convulsively and for a very long time. it was a traumatic dramatic experience. soon after that, i watched the film. and that bit. cue THE RETURN OF THE TEARS. i just can't even why would they how could i mean seriously do people even

    O.O *buries head in pillow* *weeps fiercely*


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