Me. My Life. Lately.

1:44 PM

Enjoying.....  cold things from McDonald's, e-mailing faraway internet friends (love you guys! ♥), writing letters, having an amazing time at church, and finally being done with school for the year 

Reading.... lots of Medieval books for writing inspiration

Listening.... to "In This Together," by Rapture Ruckus. Love that song so much!

Watching... Robin Hood season 2 and reruns of The Andy Griffith show

Longing.... for the third Hobbit movie AND going on vacation with my best friend and her family! ☺ 

Currently going.... to go visit friends, listen to the radio, and enjoy my Sunday afternoon 

Preparing... for the next Tolkien Tuesday and future blog posts 

So what did your weekend look like? I hope you had an amazing one! 


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2 of your thoughts

  1. Sighting in the scope on the Gamo and trying to figure out which pellet (Redfire or Crops man Destroyer) has better penetration, and we got eight adorable baby chicks!

  2. How exciting the things you have been doing sound! :) We cleaned a lot in the last weakened. Yep, fun. =)
    ~ S. F.


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