The Sunshine Award

7:50 AM


Yesterday I was awarded the sunshine award by Ajax - thanks so much! So I will simpley answer the questions, make up my own and then award some people. So here we go.....
 Do you prefer cats or dogs? cats 
     What is your favorite outside activity? biking or running
     If you got to meet one of the presidents, who would it be? George Washington  
      What is your favorite fantasy series? Lord of the Rings hands down
     If you had been Peter Jackson, would you have changed the name of the last Hobbit movie to “The Battle of Five Armies” or stayed with “There and Back Again”? I would have kept it to "There and Back Again". It stayed with the book better, though "The Battle of Five Armies," is good as well. 
     What is your favorite time of the day? Morning around 8 o'clock 
     Are you from the North or the South? north  
      Who is your favorite character in Pride and Prejudice? Mr. Darcy or perhaps Elizabeth 
     Are you homeschooled, public schooled, or graduated? I am in High school and currently homeschooled 
     Any plans for college? hope 
     What is the last thing you were doing before you began answering the questions? Oh I love this question! ☺ Eating an egg breakfast sandwich and checking my e-mail 

 So here is who I award.....
 anyone who comments! Please take it and leave a link in a comment below to the post - I'd love to see it
 I have two sections of questions - one for the Tolkien fans and one for those who want a different section. ☺

  1) The Hobbit or LOTR?
   2) Favorite movie in the LOTR movies?
  3) If you were Peter Jackson how would you make the last Hobbit movie end?" 
   4) If you could be any character from any of Tolkien's Middle Earth books, who would you be?
   5) How did you first hear about the LOTR movies (or books)?
   6) Did you go see any of the Hobbit or LOTR movies at the theater?
    7) Favorite Hobbit character?
    8) What is one of the reasons you love Tolkien's Middle Earth? 

  Questions to answer if you don't want to answer my Tolkien ones....

  Favorite way to spend a summer day?
  What song inspires you?
   What do you wear on a typical day?
   Snail mail or e-mail?
   In your opinion what makes a blog interesting to read? 
   If you could visit any time period which would it be?

   So that is all for today - don't forget to leave a link if you can and please take the award because I'm dying to see your answers! ☺


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5 of your thoughts

  1. Guess I'll accept this award! I love the way you answered: " Oh I love this question! ☺ Eating an egg breakfast sandwich and checking my e-mail" :D Thank you for the award!
    ~ S. F.

    1. No problem - I'm glad you took it! ☺

    2. I've just did the award:
      Thank you!

  2. *accepts the award as well*
    I'll just answer the Tolkien ones here:
    1. Oh, hard one! Um...LOTR!
    2. Return of the King
    3. Another hard one! O.o I actually have no idea!
    4. Legolas
    5. My little brother. :P
    6. Unfortunately, no.
    7. Bilbo!
    8. Shall I describe them to you? The list is endless!

    1. Bilbo is one of my favorite Hobbit characters as well - he is hilarious! ☺


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