A Picture Challenge + Giveaway!!!!!!

4:32 PM

Today I am super excited to announce a giveaway and photo challenge here on Saved by Grace!!!!! So here is the info to it all....

When.... it all starts now and until August 1st 

The Prize.... 30 Days to a More Beautiful You, by Kylie Bisutti (I reviewed the book here). It's a really short devotional for teen girls and I really enjoyed reading it!

How you can enter.... enter my photo challenge (details below) 

So this is going to be a simple photo challenge (nothing fancy), where you can share a photo from your summer so far. You don't have to be good with a camera - just simply enter and have fun. ☺
 The photo can be of a sibling, something from nature, or just something that shows what you did this summer so far. You can either post the pic on your blog and comment with the link, or e-mail it to me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com. Along with the pic include a little description (30 words max), so people can see what the picture is all about. On August 1st the contest will end, and after that I will do a blog post, showing the all your entries, along with a poll on the side of my blog. You guys can vote and the winner will be announced August 31. 
If you are a guy you can still enter (I won't send you the prize if you don't want me to or you can simply give the book to a sister or a friend you know).  

So a few rules and the summing it up......

1) make sure you took the pic  
2) do not edit - I want this picture to be purely your own 
3) e-mail or blog (commenting with the link), the pic by August 1st

And that is about it....
so enter if you want and have fun! Good luck and have a great rest of your Sunday everyone!

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  1. Ooo...I am going to enter this! It's going to be brilliant. *goes off to search my photograph* . . .
    ~ S. F.


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