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9:55 AM

It's so easy to be something you're not, or have a different personality or not say something because frankly you're afraid of not being accepted. It's even easier on the internet. I struggle with this and it's one of the reasons I didn't tell my age or where I live. I'm about to tell you a little bit about myself. I didn't want to before because of safety reasons but for another reason as well - I wanted adults, teens, tweens - everyone to feel open to my blog and I was afraid that by telling my age people wouldn't want to read because I was simply younger then them. It's silly, but I struggle in this so much! I want to be liked (don't we all?) and want lots of followers and views on my blog (who doesn't?), but when it comes to the point where you don't say something or do something because of pride then it's wrong. 

Doing this post is hard because it's taking a huge step out of my comfort zone and telling you this and admitting I'm wrong isn't easy but I feel it's time I say something now that I realize I was wrong. So here is it.....

I'm 15 and my birthday is August 31
I'm 5 foot eight and a half inches
I'm horrible at math and was close to getting a failing grade 
I love writing letters and e-mailing friends
Recently I just learned to drive and I'm loving it! ☺
I became a Christian at a really young age and have never looked back 

So there I just told you a chunk of stuff I didn't really say before and I'm sorry. By not saying my age I didn't do anything wrong, but why I didn't wasn't all for the good reasons so that's why I wrote this post today. 
So sorry if this is boring but I feels so good to actually tell you the stuff I never wanted to. So I'm not perfect and I make mistakes - life isn't always easy but I'm learning everyday. 
Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Thanks for being honest Kara and sharing your heart! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately! I will always accept you no matter what your age or where you live! you are a great girl and such a strong Christian. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hello Britt!
      Thanks so much for your comment!!!!!! ♥ Don't worry about not commenting/stopping by of late - I completely understand!

  2. Wow, you are soo brave! :) I don't think I would tell anyone on my blog some of the tings you said. Thank you for trusting us...and me.
    ~ S. F.

  3. Nice to meet you, Kara! I thought you were older but I'm still following your blog, age makes no difference if you write well and on interesting topics.Nice photo by the way.


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