Lacking In Stuff (Plus Anyone Want to See Old Posts?)

7:41 AM

Hey everyone!
Lately I've felt that I've been lacking in posts and writing inspiration. The viewing on my blog has also went down and though I don't really care about that, I do feel my lack of fun posts waning. Blogging is still fun but sometimes I either need a break or need to brainstorm on fresh post ideas. I miss all those ideas I had two years ago when I first set up Saved by Grace. 
Speaking of first setting up - I took a peek at some old posts  of mine and was like, "that was me writing?!" I sounded so young and my grammar wasn't the best. Haha. Anyway, so while I brainstorm for new writing ideas you can take a look at my old posts (links to my least embarrassing ones below)....
New Blog Design
Crayon Art Tutorial
Entering a Challenge
School, My Giveaway and Some Random Stuff

I also noticed that people seemed to like my writings more when I was honest and myself with unplanned and random posts. Maybe that was then and this is now, but I am going to try a new series of posts that will be different and get me more energized for blogging. 
So this coming week be on the lookout for a little bit different posts then usual (perhaps a post on why I started writing, how my summer bucket list is coming along, favorite movies, books I enjoy from every genre, a challenge, perhaps a giveaway , etc). 
Have an amazing weekend everyone! 

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  1. Whoa, hold on. NONONONO. You have way more posts then I do! (And ever so much more interesting, too.) I love everyone of your posts and I hope you keep posting them. :)
    ~ S. F.


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