Summer 2014 Bucket List.

12:26 PM

This morning I decided to create my own summer bucket list - in other words, some things I want to do this summer of 2014 before it ends and school is back in for the fall. So here is what I came up with and at the end of the summer look for an update on how I did and what I did! ☺

1) Start an Etsy shop with Korin
2) make homemade ice cream
3) Read "A Tale of Two Cities" 
4) Watch Robin Hood BBC and The Desolation of Smaug with my Grandma (Meemaw). She's only seen the first two episodes of Robin Hood and the first Hobbit movie, so I'm excited to share my favorite movies with her this summer ☺
5) go to Jesus Fest
6) buy Robin Hood Season 3
7) finish my scrapbook
8) make smores 
9) Read two whole books of the Bible
10) do a video of a day in my life and upload it onto youtube and share it with you guys
11) finish the story I'm currently writing - see a preview here
12) Read 30 books (I'm currently on my sixth book)
13) re read "Return of the King"
14) post my Q&A vlog 
15) watch "The Book Thief" (has anyone seen it yet?)
16) Watch Pride and Prejudice (I love this movie!) 
17) go on Vacation with my friend, her family, and my family (so excited for this July!!!!)
18) go swimming
19) Do something completely out of my comfort zone and blog about it

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Love it! especially #17, lol(:

    1. Haha, I know - it's my favorite on the list! =)

  2. For #2 try this super easy and delicious ice cream recipe (no machine required :) )!

    1. Thanks so much Kara - I will have to try it!!! =)

  3. My thoughts on your bucket list:
    1) YES! I am so excited for that.
    2) Do it. :)
    3) I should read that too!
    4) Fun! I'm sure she'll really enjoy them.
    5) That is exciting for you, I'm sure.
    6) And then do a review of it.
    7) Me too. *whistles*
    8) Have fun! :)
    9) Ach! I really should do that one, too.
    10) Ooo, I'm so excited.
    11) Excited for that, as well.
    12) You inspire me! Thanks for the challeng, even if you didn't give one, I took it.
    13) . . . for me it's READ "ROTK".
    14) Yay!
    15) I haven't, but it keeps crossing my path so I think I will.
    16) Finish watching it. :)
    17) Make sure to have a fabulous time!
    18) Yep.
    19) And yes.
    Well, that was fun.
    ~ S. F.


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