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So today I am doing a surprise vlog (A video post where I talk and stuff), but if you want to watch it beware. I'm sorry for the shakiness of it, my randomness and awkwardness. So I hope you enjoy the vlog (which is below).....

 My sister said that the vlog isn't exactly my personality, but I was really nervous (which you will probably be able to tell from watching it)....
And by "silly questions", I meant random. No question is silly and I am sorry for saying that! So info for the Q&A vlog is.....

When: The end of June 
How it comes about..... all you have to do is ask me anything (random or serious as I said in the vlog) in a comment below - if you don't want to don't feel any pressure! This is just for fun! ☺

So thanks for watching and reading - hopefully it all made sense! ☺

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2 of your thoughts

  1. I love how you casually throw out LOTR. You know stuff about that? Really? <3 :)
    What is one of your favorite author? (and your favorite book by them if it is possible, not counting LOTR?What is your favorite genre to read? Skirts or dresses? Skirts/dresses or pants? (what you like better, not necessarily which you wear more) A favorite memory? (if you feel like sharing it) One of your fears? :D

  2. Yep, that took me by surprise. :) But I like surprises. And don't worry, about the awkwardness and randomness, I play with my hair, too, when I'm nervous. :) You can expect me to comment again sometime soon, for I'm short of questions at the moment.
    ~ S. F.


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