Explore the World (A Guest Post by S. F.)

3:53 PM

To begin, thank you  for letting me do a guest post, Kara. :)

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SOME MAY SAY that they aren't fit for an Adventure of any kind or for anything like it, but, let us be honest: everyone is. Inside everyone, even if they try to hide it, is the want and need to see the world. Inside of everyone is a wanderer who needs to wander. The world is yours to explore!

Picture from Pinterest
I find some times the want to explore very strong, at other times I find it small. 
But it’s always there. 
Always guiding me. Always leading me on. 
I think that perhaps the reason that God gave me the want and need to wander is because one day 
He’ll take me by the hand (as He always does) 
and lead me to something. 
Or, perhaps, He’ll use it to show me 
who I really am.
Because I haven't found out yet,
and I won't for a long time.
When you step outside,
ask yourself:
"Where am I going to day?"
"What adventure lies ahead of me today?"
And this one is copyright © by me. :)
~ A guest poster, S. F.

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2 of your thoughts

  1. To the guest poster S.F., who happens to be my sister as well:

    Delightful! Moving! Take me to New Zealand and Iceland and Lothlorien and Bree! Let me roam in Canada and Hobbiton and Rohan and Faerieland!

    "He’ll take me by the hand (as He always does)
    and lead me to something.
    Or, perhaps, He’ll use it to show me
    who I really am."

    That was extraordinary. Every delicious bit of this was, really. Really! I've never guest posted anywhere...but you have now, and I'm proud. <3

    From, a madly pleased sister...that is, Les Elf-Dragon Victorie. Long pseudonym!

    1. Aww. Aww. A..w. That didn't make sense but THANK YOU! You are extraordinary. :)

      ~ S. F.


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