Going Up The Mountain In The Back of a Ford Pickup

11:58 AM

My sister Korin and I enjoyed a very nice time with our grandparents following the Fourth of July weekend. It is always one of the highlights of our summer and something we look forward to every year (perhaps you remember me writing about our visit last year?). 
One of the things we look forward to with going is spending time with our grandparents but also the rivers and country. We always go swimming in the river and this time got the chance to walk with our grandfather about half a mile down stream, and go swimming another time with both our grandparents. Then you can say we took an unexpected journey up one of the prettiest mountains (and steepest), I have yet seen. It was really gorgeous up there and I don't think my pictures even got it close to justice. 
When it was time to leave Korin and I road in the back of our grandfather's pickup and really it was so much fun! If you've never done it, then it is something to add to your bucket list. It's against the law here to do it on the road but since it was all country, gravel, road, it was allowed and most of it was a person's driveway. It was just an amazing time! 
So how is your summer? What is favorite pic? Don't forget about my summer photo contest by the way - the link is below my header!

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  1. Those photos are so beautiful! ♥ I really want to ride in the back of a pickup, but I haven't yet.
    Hm, I like all the pictures, but I think my favourites are the third one down from the top and the third one up from the end. :)
    ~ S. F.


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