How My Summer Bucket List Is Coming On

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Hey everyone! Before I get to my bucket list I wanted to tell you guys about two blogs I'd love for you to check out. My friends Alyssa, Naomi and S.F each have a blog, and if you would I'm sure they'd love for you to follow, read, or comment on them. So please check them out, they're really amazing! =) 
Naomi's blog... Naomi and Books
Alyssa's blog... Established in Faith
S.F's blog... On Solid Ground

So now back to the main reason for this post....
 my bucket list is coming on nicely (see below at my list), and I'm enjoying marking things off. I plan on going to Jesus Fest in two weeks, go on vacation in one, finish Acts and go on to my second book of the Bible this summer, and watch Pride and Prejudice sometime this August. It has been a very busy summer here!

1) Start an Etsy shop with Korin This is a work in progress - look for it the beginning of August. It is almost done being set up, but we just have to hit publish. =)
2) make homemade ice cream - planning to do this soon!
3) Read "A Tale of Two Cities" 
4) Watch Robin Hood BBC and The Desolation of Smaug with my Grandma (Meemaw). She's only seen the first two episodes of Robin Hood and the first Hobbit movie, so I'm excited to share my favorite movies with her this summer ☺ My grandma loved Robin Hood, but sadly the second hobbit movie we were unable to watch. Perhaps this fall?
5) go to Jesus Fest
6) buy Robin Hood Season 3 I bought it two weeks ago and am really excited to check it out! It was used on Amazon but turned out to be brand new
7) finish my scrapbook also got this done. Was really excited to finally finish one!
8) make smores 
9) Read two whole books of the Bible - I''m currently on Acts but almost done
10) do a video of a day in my life and upload it onto youtube and share it with you guys
11) finish the story I'm currently writing - see a preview here
12) Read 30 books (I'm currently on my 12th book)
13) re read "Return of the King" - only a few more chapters left! =)
14) post my Q&A vlog  finally published! I hope ya'll enjoyed it
15) watch "The Book Thief" (has anyone seen it yet?)
16) Watch Pride and Prejudice (I love this movie!) 
17) go on Vacation with my friend, her family, and my family (so excited for this July!!!!)
18) go swimming went swimming in the river with my sister two weeks back. The water was warm and it was a lot of fun (pictures soon)
19) Do something completely out of my comfort zone and blog about it

So how has your summer been?

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  1. Woo! Good for you. :) Looks like a whole lot o' fun.
    ~ S. F.
    ps- your Etsy shop. I need to see it soon. OR I'M GOING TO BLOW. (. . .not really. ☺)


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