I'm Back!!!!!!!

1:30 PM

Hola everyone! I'm back! For those who do not know, I was at my grandparents house last week and really had an amazing time. Me and my sister Korin got to help out my grandma and go swimming in the river (mark that off the summer bucket list), finish a scrapbook (check again), and yes, finish Robin Hood with my grandma as well. I can't believe I got her hooked on watching it! =) It's good to be back blogging though, and I hope ya'll got to see the amazing guest posts done while I was gone (they were all awesome). So thanks to Kara and S.F for doing them for me! 
Also the vlog..... I will get it - I haven't forgotten that it's on my tablet. Be looking for it this week - I will upload it if the internet works!
So be on the lookout for an update on my summer bucket list, pictures from the fourth, Tolkien Tuesdays yet again, and my vlog. Thanks again to my guest posters and have a blessed day!

Love and in Him who gives me strength, 
Kara Lynn 

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  1. You've been nominated! http://onelightinadarkworld.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-need-to-get-creative-with-my-titles.html

  2. Woo hoo! I'm so glad you're back--I've missed your posts. :) I'd go onto Blogger and there would be no new posts from the blogs I am fellowing and wonder how you were doing. Your visit sounds wonderful.
    And you are most welcome for the guest post! <3
    ~ S. F.


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