Lord of the Rings Challenge: Favorite Larger Then Life Foe

2:33 PM

It's back - I'm back to doing LOTR posts every Tuesday!!! Only four more weeks until it ends, but I've really enjoyed myself. And random note..... I forgot about my photo challenge - check it out here and enter to win a devo book. Also my vlog in on 20% loading so hopefully it'll be done soon?
So now, back to the reason for this post.... there were many foes concerning Lord of the Rings that I've actually forgotten some. Shelob was one large foe, though her creepiness left me with nightmares afterward. I would have to say it was the winged beast the Black Riders rode in the sky. It still leaves me feeling dread when they come on the movie and I really think I liked them better then most foes.  

They were powerful and just gave a whole edge to The Return of the King. 
So what about you? 

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  1. Most likely the Fell Beasts as you said. Ooo...that picture...is intimidating and scary and makes me want to watch it again.
    Love ~ S. F.


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