Lord of the Rings Challenge: Isengard or Mordor?

3:05 PM

If I had to pick from Modor or Isengard then I would have to say Mordor. Neither are my favorite (I prefer Rivendel myself), but the black gate was pretty amazing. Also Mordor was cool if you wanted to talk about the places where evil creatures roamed in Middle Earth. It was where the mouth of Sauron came out and talked to Aragorn, where the eye was located, and where you saw everything being destroyed when the ring went into the fires. It also met up to my expectations when I saw the extended version of "The Return of the King," and director Peter Jackson did a good job with the CGI. 
I wasn't overly fond of either Isengard or Mordor, but I never cared for Isengard really at all, even though Mordor was darker, it was also very mysterious (which I like). 
So between the two, there is my answer - what is your's? 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. None really. :) But, as you said, maybe Mordor. I love how you described it!
    ~ S. F.

  2. I have to agree with you. :) Mordor just gives chills to the bones and perfectly epitomizes the horror of Mordor from the book. Very well done by our PJ. :)


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