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9:12 PM

Hola everyone! Yes. I. Did. IT!!!! I'm really happy that I finally got it loaded and on Youtube and my blog. 
Take note before watching the vlog.... I was shaky. I played with my hair wayyy more then I should have, and my favorite memory was sorta weird. I rambled on as well, which is nothing new for me. And it was done before the fourth so I talk about guest posters (that already happened), though you guys can still do one when I'm gone in two weeks (e-mail me @youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com if you want to). So I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on what ya'll thought. =) Thanks so much!

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    1. Hmm... maybe it's your internet connection? It worked for me, so I don't really know. Try again and tell me if it works or not. If not I'll make it public on youtube and perhaps that would help. =)

  2. Yessss. . .you did it! Well, you posted it. :) I will watch it soon. Yesssss...
    ~ S. F.

  3. I watched it and ooooo. Yes, I loved it. Fabulous. Guess what? My siblings and I also liked to sit and watch the field behind our house be mowed and turned into hay bales. :) This volg was really brilliant, Kara. I really enjoyed it. :) Thank you.
    ~ S. F.


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