Why I Write

1:29 PM

I'm a writer and a blogger, and as for long as I can remember I've loved writing fiction. I wrote a story about a girl living in an attic because she was homeless, when I was about nine or ten. I wrote a story about a princess who loved getting the mail and was waiting for her new dress soon after. I've been thinking though - why do I write? My love for writing has grown since writing my first story, and here is the answer I came up with.....
I write because writing is a part of me. I blog because I can share my heart with others. I write fiction because I can explore new and exciting ideas. 
I write because I feel God has given me this gift for a reason, and I want my writings to encourage others. I want to write about my struggles and let others know they're not alone. I write because it's in my heart to do so.
I write fiction more then nonfiction because then it's a chance to go places I couldn't go otherwise. It's exploring the world and writing fantasy let's me imagine places that are purely my own.
So that is why I write. 
It's not because I make myself do it or because I feel like I have to - it's because I want to. 

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  1. That is the same reason I write too: Because I can not help it! Words flow throw me and it would be a sin to not write them. Wonderful post!
    ~ S. F.


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