We Are Called to be Different

12:58 PM

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We aren't called to follow the latest trends or be in the "in crowd". We aren't called to live amazing lives or be perfect. God didn't make us to follow everyone and do what they do.
We will feel left out at times because we are all different. We don't need to like the same things as everyone, because we're won't. If they have something you don't then that's OK. 
We aren't called to be the same. We aren't called to live the same life. 
We are called to be different. 
You are unique. Be yourself! Be who God has called you to be. Be different. 

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  1. This is something to think about. For the more part, being different is easy for me. But sometimes, it is hard. Thank you for posting this. ♥
    ~ S. F.


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