A More Recent Picture Of Me and a Little Challenge

1:33 PM

Hola readers! I just randomly posted the picture above from me and Korin's most recent photo shoot (more pictures some other day). I just realized that all my pics (the one on the sidebar and on the abut me page is from last year on this past spring). I really need to update them!
Anyway, really why I'm blogging is because I'm putting myself up for a little challenge. It's really simple - I want to write in my journal and read at least a verse or two from my Bible every single day for a month. Many people probably already do this, but as High School is currently a very busy time for me, I sometimes skip reading my Bible. It's not right and I really need to focus more on God! And even though writing isn't that important, it's my time to reflect on everything (fun fact: I've posted some of my journal entries on here before =). 
So that's what I'm challenging myself on this month, and since I'm starting it a few weeks late it will be going into next month. So I'll keep you updated with little journal entries, devotional posts, and the like. So how are you guys doing? If you ever need to chat or have a prayer request you can always shoot me an e-mail youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com. I would love to talk or pray for you. ☺ Have a great weekend everyone! 

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