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Hola everyone! I just wanted to let you know that me and my friend Naomi have just started a new writing blog together! It is called Writing to Inspire, and it's where we'll post tips on writing and the like. We would love if you'd follow and the more followers we get, it means we can do author interviews and giveaways (we may have one coming up in a few months - just saying =).  I'll still blog here as always, but use any tips or ideas on writing I may get on Writing to Inspire. ☺
So please check it out and perhaps join!  God bless and have a great Sunday!

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  1. Ooo! Well this will be a fabulous blog, my friend. I hope you have lots of fun writing it with Naomi, because I'm going to have a lot of fun reading it. :)
    ~ S. F.


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