So What Music Is "Right"?{My Music Views}

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Hola everyone!
The amazing world of music.... so many singers and bands...... so many different genres........ right or wrong? OK everyone, before I go any further let me just say. No. There is no right or wrong genre. Secular music in of itself isn't wrong. Music can be fun and fill you with joy. It's awesome and a big part of my life! ☺God never said we couldn't listen to rock or Celtic - he never said a little country is bad either. 
What's wrong is when we don't pay attention to the lyrics. What's wrong is when we say, "they're just words." Words hurt. Words have meaning. Words aren't just words - they're what we use for life. If we didn't have words we wouldn't speak, and that means you couldn't even pick up a book - words are important. If you have music full of bad language, then think about it. If you yourself hate cussing, why listen to something full of it? Why get it in your head? 
Then there's the point of the song. Romance songs can be beautiful unless we go to impurity that God calls against. If it's full of girls flirting with guys, drinking beer and getting high,  you're not encouraged in your walk with the Lord. Let me put it straight out - listening to something God says is wrong, is wrong. You're saying it's OK to just listen to it, when really that image is going to stick with you. 
Music effects us deeply (it does me anyway), and watching TV shows, reading books, and yes, listening to music can effect me. How many times have I mentioned LOTR, Robin Hood, or things I love on here? One example of what I do effecting me and it shows in what I write. 
So that is what I believe and I'd love to know your thoughts below! Do you agree or disagree?

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