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2:02 PM

sleeping beauty...

I found a dress my Mom had which was Medieval style she got from a Halloween sale a few years back and it was time for a photo shoot with Korin. The last picture is of my archer brother and I think the silhouette turned out fairly well. It was a lot of fun and I even took some pictures for a "fake" cover for my story I am working on. So what do you think of my first medieval style photo shoot? Favorites? Have you done anything like this before (if not I highly recommend - even more so if you have a sword, which we did not).  I took a few more pictures but my laptop is acting up and I also have a few more things I must do before getting off the internet. And on a random note - have any of you started listening to Christmas music? My family already has, but I still haven't been convinced... haha

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  1. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the Archer Silhouette. I love how it looks with the sun, trees and everything. -Bethany!


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