I Don't Forget

8:35 AM

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There is many people who I have not crossed paths with in many years and some talk to me sometimes and ask if I remember them. I do. I don't forget and Lord-willing never will. I have friends who have left the internet world and when they left we lost contact or those who stopped blogging, commenting, e-mailing and such - I don't forget. Ya'll are all special and I won't forget. Each comment, each letter, each e-mail, is special. 
I remember the blogger girl who had cancer and was going to die - I wonder... where did she go in this world? I don't want to forget my first best friend from 4th grade or all my special followers. I don't want to  forget the girl who encouraged me in the Lord even though her world seemed to be falling apart. 
 Every person in my life was placed there for a reason. Even if you do leave my mind and life, the influence you had stays with me. Every person was placed in my life for a reason and even you readers are a part of it all.

Is this making sense or am I rambling on? Here's what I mean in a simple version...

I love memories and many don't leave my brain. I hold them close. You are a part of those memories and I try not to forget. Even if we only talked once I like to go back and remember. 

So... yeah.... is this you? Do you get what I am saying? 

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  1. ♥ This is so beautiful. Thank you so much, Kara-girl!
    ~ S. F.


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