Fandom Friday: #3 OneLastTime

9:40 AM

Today is my #OneLastTime as me, Korin, and my Mom go see the last movie in the hobbit. What better way to say "hello" to a new Peter Jackson movie, yet, "goodbye" to a 6 movie series then a fandom friday post about it? So here we go... music videos, gifs, and pictures are in the mix....

Yes... I will.....

one of the best music videos I have ever seen (and the saddest)

one can not simply keep calm while waiting for the last hobbit movie

...because you need something to laugh at while thinking depressing thoughts of the hobbit...
never a truer picture.... every thought was there....

if you don't like rock music then don't watch the video, but if you do check it out. Very sad but followed with the movie very well!
It looks as if there will be war....

.... and there will be, and it shall be the death of them...

It is one last time. One last time to see a LOTR/hobbit type movie in the theater. One last time to see the line of Durin on the big screen. One last goodbye to all the amazing characters of Middle Earth. May we all not become emotionally damaged by this movie. ;) Farewell for now readers!

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  1. Oneeeee Laaaassttt Tiiiiiime! Go enjoy it, my friend. I'm sure it will be epic!
    Thank you so much for using the picture I made at the end of your post. <3
    ~ S. F.


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