What It's Like Being a Pastor's Daughter {Pictures and Words Post}

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People have asked me before what it's like to have a dad who's the pastor of our church, and so I decided to post about it....

So my Dad became a pastor back in 2005 or 6 (I think), and so I was around seven. Even though he hasn't been one all my life it feels like it. My memories when he wasn't were when we were living in Maryland so he could go to the pastor's college, or when he worked for a church where my grandparents live. 
Before I go any farther know this - our church is small - like really small (think around twenty people per Sunday). I love it though! You know everyone and everyone knows you. You're all like family (or are, because some of our family members do go to our church), people work together - it's awesome!

Being a pastor's daughter in a small church means though, that because we're kinda short on people to do Sunday School class, Korin and I get to watch the little kids - sometimes for a few Sundays in a row. It's hard at times, but I feel that I've grown from the experience - I've been made to step out of my comfort zone, and actually it's lots of fun to play with around three kids 5 and under. I never thought I'd find myself playing with blocks and building castles, or having a game of hide and seek again. I'm planning on starting Sunday School with them soon and am really excited to see how that will go!

Being a pastor's daughter also means since we have no one to do  worship, Korin and I also get to run the projector and CD player. I have to admit I found it no fun at first and was a bit upset at my Dad for mentioning we do it, but again I was surprised - after about two years or so of doing it, I've found that it's helped me. Every Saturday my Dad and I get the music ready and I've been learning not procrastinate (one of my favorite things). If I don't do the songs then we won't have them for Sunday. I've also learned a little bit about how to connect the laptop to the projector, what are the best songs to order from CBD for worship, and other small things - stuff I wouldn't really know otherwise (or even want to try!).

Being a pastor's daughter in a small church is difficult at times, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I grow and learn with people I love, and get to meet different people from my Dad doing weddings (I've gone to quite a few of those), and bridge dedications for war veterans. 

Being a pastor's daughter doesn't mean though, that my family is perfect. We mess up and have questions about life. Me and my siblings still get in little arguments, and home schooling can be stressful, but I feel God has placed us here where we live for a reason and I am so thankful for my church family. 
At first I'll admit I really hated my Dad being a pastor - I missed my friends back where we use to live, and didn't like the fact that our church was so tiny, (at first we only had one or two families meeting). However, a few summers ago when I went with my cousins to a huge church, I was shocked to find I prefer a small environment.  I had grown use to knowing everyone and everyone knowing you - I now felt lost in the huge crowd. 

To sum it all up...
what's it like being a pastor's daughter? It's hard to explain - it's challenging, rewarding, hard, fun..............
Being a pastor's daughter doesn't make me any better then someone who isn't - it's just what my Dad does and something God has called us to. 

So are you a pastor's daughter? Can you relate to any of the stuff I've just talked about?

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  1. Great post Kara. I'm a missionaries daughter and I would have to say the same for myself. It has it's challenges but it also has even more blessings =) I know being in the ministry can be tough at times but just keep serving God with your life and He'll continue to use you in amazing ways!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Brittney - it really made my day! That is so neat that you are a missionaries daughter - where are y'all a missionary at?


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