AD {Episode 1 and 2} Review

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AD {the series} began airing two weeks ago on Sunday on NBC. It's based on the first chapters of Acts from the Bible. 
The first two episodes are mainly Jesus' death, Peter denying his Master, the shame and regret afterwards, and the doubts of the disciple after Jesus dies, as they try to decide if He will ever arise again. 
The Bible TV Show already covered this (if my memory serves me right, or maybe it was "Son of God"), but AD brought it back so they could start where they left off, and perhaps help us  better understand (then just jump right into), the time after Jesus rose and went back into heaven. 
As I started watching  the first episode I felt excited for the weeks ahead and what will come. Everything is put very well together and makes it enjoyable and exciting! The acting is awesome, a lot of the show so far seems very close to the Bible, and though I've read Acts several times over the years the suspense and action keeps me wanting more. 
The brutality of those times are still shown, but not gory with lots of blood, so it seems realistic but not enough to make me say, "no thanks". The nails being driven into Jesus' hands made me cringe as I realized the pain the Son of God went through for us and the sins of the world. And the cruelty of the Romans made me see the harshness of those times. People do killed and the stabbings are shown - it probably isn't the best thing for young children to see (the show is rated PG). 
The series isn't without some fault though - at times I couldn't help but feel that Jesus was portrayed wrong. His hair is a bit too perfect, and at times the script felt a tiny bit forced (just a little). 
Also in the second episode d**n was used twice, which in my own opinion was unnecessary. 
Also John is black, and though I am not against it in no way, I find it a little hard to believe that he was. Of course this is my own opinion and he may very well have been! 
I am seeing things from a different perspective however after watching this show - the closeness of Jesus and his Followers, Peter's shame at denying Jesus, and the love of the Heavenly Father for allowing His Son to go through so much pain for our sake is humbling. 
I'm not a huge fan of Bible stories on TV, but I do enjoy this show and will be looking forward to more to come. 

So have you seen the show? What do you think of it? 

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