You're the one making progress? I don't think so!

10:27 AM

Yesterday before I opened up my Bible to do my quiet time I sat back with dissatisfaction. I've felt God speaking to me these passed couple of weeks, but everything I felt Him telling me to do felt like it was on hold.  "I'm so not making progress", I thought. "Like, why is nothing working out? I'm stuck!" Then I opened my Bible and I was struck by something (no, not a lightning bolt) - something I felt God telling me. 
"'you alone making progress?' I don't think so!"
I set the thought aside for moment and read some verses from my Bible. I couldn't get the words out of my head however, and took a moment to think on them. 
I've had my mindset all wrong! When I go through life following God's plan - whether it's praying for someone He's laid on my heart, speaking the gospel to others, or blogging a devotional post, - I can in no way say, "I'm not making progress" or "I've got this - look what I've done". God is the one behind the scenes writing the story of the world - He's the One working through us. Without Him guiding we're going to fail and end up not getting anything worthwhile accomplished. 
When I told myself I wasn't making any progress I was being prideful. I was saying that what I was doing wasn't working, and I had obviously heard God wrong because I was failing (or so it seems).  
The thing is GOD is the one working - not me. If He indeed told me to do something and I'm listening and following what He said to do, then He is indeed getting something accomplished - even if I can't see it. I have to trust that He is working behind the scenes - doing miraculous things. 
It isn't anything that I'm doing but what He's doing through me. I can't say "I" because then I'm giving the glory to myself - not God. 
Sometimes God doesn't let us see what He's doing and put's it on hold. Sometimes He wants the situation to  seem impossible, because then  when at last we see God's perfect and amazing plan (even if seeing it takes longs years of waiting), we will be shocked and see that indeed it was God - we alone would have been stuck. Even if  in our eyes we would have made progress, really in all truth we wouldn't have made much (if any), in the eyes of God. 

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. 
~ Philippians 2:13 

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