Fandom Friday #5 {North and South} and a Blog You MUST See

12:48 PM

Hola everyone! First off before I do a fandom friday post I wanted to announce Korin's NEW blog! She's planning on reviewing books a few times a month and do the reviews hopefully for Tyndale, Revell, Bethany House, and one or two others. So go now and check it out , and perhaps follow or drop a comment. Here is the link and name (isn't it lovely?) - I'm Going on an Adventure. So yeah - check it out!

And now for the fandom friday...
I re watched (one thing off my summer bucket list) North and South BBC around a week or so ago. My (almost) nine year old sister saw it for the first time and fangirled over it about as much as I did haha. 

Kailin fangirled at this part and I was laughing because she was. She was like, "at LAST they KISS!" haha

I felt so bad for Mr. Thornton  during these parts that he assumed the worst of Margaret...

and then when he found the truth..... the look on his face.... *sigh*

I almost cried (I'm becoming too emotional over these movies!). His plea was so heartfelt and so sad....

.... because I love this GIF.....

One of my favorite parts in the whole mini series

He did.

I choose Mr. Thornton - who do you choose?

So there - some of my favorite North and South pins from Pinterest. Which was your favorite? Who is your favorite character in the show? Favorite moment? Comment below and we can fangirl together. ☺

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3 of your thoughts

  1. Aaaah!!! This is one of my favorite books/BBC mini series ever!!

    Those memes are the best...Thornton definitely perfected the smoulder! :D

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Yes he did - Richard Armitage perfected the smoulder in pretty much every movie or TV show I've seen him in haha.
      Thanks for taking a moment to fangirl with me. =)

  2. This movie is exquisite. I mean, I'm not sure there are words good enough for it. I know lots of people fangirl over it, but it lives up to its hype and then some. :)


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