Changes Coming Your Way

8:57 AM

Hola everyone! 
I have felt that it is time to change some things here on Saved by Grace. I know I've said this about twice a year, but I just think that I need to have some changes on this blog. Namely all the book reviews that have been happening. My goal two years ago wasn't to create a blog with tons of book reviews, but a blog that is inspiring, creative, and fun. Not to say that I still won't be doing reviews but they will be a lot less and more devotional posts, interviews possibly, Q&As, pictures, That's So Kara, and Noteworthy quotes will be here more. 
Also I will be doing a new design. I usually do this when I feel my blog posts need in a new direction and it's fun to get a fresh look. And I plan on updating my pages so that'll be new as well!
Now, I would love to know - what is your favorite kind of posts that I do? What is your least favorite? Please be honest - I really want to know what y'all think! 
Have a great day!

P.S I am doing a blogging break from now until the Monday after the Fourth of July. I just need a writing break in general and this will be a good time to just relax and enjoy the Summer. 
Adios until July!

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3 of your thoughts

  1. I hope your blog break is brilliant! Sometimes all you need is a little (or big) break, isn't it?
    Hmm. . .I like the Noteworthy Quotes and when you share pictures that you have taken. Also, your encouragement posts are wonderful to read. :)
    Love ~ S. F.

  2. I love your blog, Kara! I understand how you feel about doing reviews, but I will say that I think yours are very interesting and helpful. :) I love your design, but I also get that sometimes a new one can help you better sense the direction you want to go. Enjoy your break and know we'll still be here!

    By the way, my sister posted an update on her little baby boy today. Here's what she said. <3

    "Update for those who've been asking and praying for our bun in the oven: the last test that we had done came back negative for anything to be concerned about so unless God has a different surprise for us upon his arrival our baby boy is looking healthy and within "normal" ranges for everything. Thank you all for your love and support, listening ear, and/or just prayers on our behalf!!! We are grateful to be his parents regardless of the outcome, but I can definitely say we are celebrating that there are no foreseen complications to be expected! Happy Tuesday everyone!"

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Christine! I will continue to do reviews throughout the months - just less frequently here and more on my other blog (which I share with my friend Naomi). You can see the blog here --->
      I think I decided after my break to keep the design for now. I love it too!
      Thanks for the update! I'm so glad to hear it and see how God answered prayers!


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