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Hola everyone! This is the last book review I want to do for some time and this one is going to be written by none other then two of my brothers and Kailin, (so please comment below and make their day! =) as well as me.
 The books I got free from Revell in exchange for doing this review and just so you know - all opinions are our own. ☺
So first the boy's edition......

This "Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles Boys Edition" from Bob Elliot is not only a book that tells you jokes but a place where you can do a little art work and have fun.
Josiah's favorite joke was... What did the mother possum say to her son? Quit hanging around and do something! 
They both said the book was really funny, and it was fun to read the jokes to our family. A great thing to bring on a car trip (they're bringing it when we go see our cousins, who live a few hours away), or have around if you're bored. 
Charles Thomas's favorite thing to doodle (aka being the illustrator of one of the jokes), was the one where you get to draw what the spying bug was watching. 
Charles Thomas said our littlest brother Jeremiah (he's six), got a little frustrated with some of the doodle ideas, so he thinks the book is better for someone a little older (perhaps nine and up). 
I personally thought the cover fit the book perfectly and seemed like something a lot of tween boys would enjoy. 

Now for the girl's edition, and helping me do the book review is my nine year old sister Kailin. 

This "Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles Girls Edition" from Bob Elliot is not only a book that tells you jokes but somewhere where you can do a little art work.  It is pretty much like the boy's, with doodling and laugh-out-loud jokes, but some of the drawing prompts were more girl related (hence the fact that it's a girl's edition).
Kailin told me that the jokes were funny and when I asked her, her favorite joke she just laughed and told me there is too many to choose from. However, her favorite doodle prompt was drawing makeup for one of the jokes or the one where she got to draw what a girl was having for supper. 
Kailin said that girls her age would enjoy the book and maybe someone older as well. 
I agree with her - the book seems good for ages nine to twelve, and even I enjoyed reading some of the jokes. It's funny, clean, and cheers you up.
Highly recommend! 

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  1. Bravo for all of you! :) It was a delightful book review. Thank you!
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