Now and Forever {a book review}

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"Now and Forever" from Mary Connealy is the second book from the "Wild at Heart" series. The main character is Shannon - the middle sister and a sheep lover. She has gotten by for quite some time dressed as boy and disguising her female identity. She spends her time working her own homestead and raising sheep (which she would never dream of eating).  However, this can only work for so long. 
Things still were going good though - that is until she got swept off her feet by Matthew Tucker (literally) and over a cliff. 
Together they survive the wilderness, but can they survive being married together and solve who wants them off the land?
Nothing like a good book for an early summer read. When Bethany House offered this one up for grabs I decided to try it. I'm not a huge fan of western genre right now or anything near it, but my Mom enjoys the author and I knew she'd like to read it after me. 
This is a fairly good book - clean romance, Christian themes, mystery, and some intense moments that urge you to continue reading to see what is around the next corner. The mystery of who is trying to drive Shannon off her land was a little quick for me, but then right now I've been soaking in suspense authors such as Lynette Eason or watching Sherlock on TV. There's no bombs or lots of violence here - just a sweet romance and some laughs and smiles along the way, with a little suspense to top it all off. 
I recommend this book to anyone (around fourteen and up), who enjoys a good western/cowboy/romance  type of book that is not only clean and Christian, but fun and interesting. 
Go check it out - it really is worth the read if Mary Connealy's books are your thing.

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  1. I am in the same boat as you Kara. I'm not really a huge fan of this genre. I read a bunch of Mary's books when I was a young teen, then decided they weren't for me. However in BH's character quiz last year, I came away with the sister who the first book was about. Just reading the synopsis, I'm not sure I believe I'm anything like her, but it might be fun to read for that reason alone. :)

    1. Yes, I did the same! When I was thirteen and fourteen I was very excited to get a chance to read some of her books from the library. As I am getting out of my teen years however I am more into the suspense genre now.
      Thanks for commenting! ♥


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