Prayer Request Updates {#1}

8:02 AM

Hola readers! I meant to do this post a lot sooner, but... oh well. ☺ If you're behind on this prayer request thingy on my sidebar and wondering what this here post is about here's the rundown....
♥ every few weeks I will be updating the sidebar and hopefully anyone who has given me a prayer request (or a few) will update me so I can update you. ☺

♥ Anyone can add prayer requests - rather you follow my blog or not it doesn't matter. Just comment whenever and wherever on here because I want to pray for you!

Alright so that's the rundown and here is some updates. 

The man I asked you to pray for is doing... well I have no clue how he is doing. My family hasn't seen him in awhile (usually my Dad sees him walking by our house and takes him in our car wherever he needs to go). So please, please, be praying! 

Also I have something to add to the list - please be praying for me as I try to see God's direction in life. Seriously - so much is happening and so fast! Doesn't time fly by? It seems like just yesterday I did a post on turning sixteen and in two months I will be seventeen with (Lord-willing), my license. That's crazy!
That also means I may be getting a job in the near future, so please be praying about that. I need to decide soon because I know it can be hard finding a job. If I do decide it'll probably be posted about here in another prayer update post. ☺

So is there any updates (if you gave me a prayer request)? If so comment so I can update the sidebar! Or I can update it with a new one. Again - I would LOVE LOVE to be praying for you! 

Love y'all!


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7 of your thoughts

  1. I will most certainly be praying for you, Kara! Getting older can be so scary....
    Also, my sister Brandi has an ultrasound tomorrow. They may learn a lot about the baby from this or they learn very little. I will let you know what happens! :)

    1. Yes - getting older can be and I am certainly feeling the effects of it.
      Ok, thanks bunches! I've been praying everyday and will continue to!

    2. So, Brandi had an ultrasound today, and here's the update. :)
      I believe she said the cyst had gone and the shadow over the heart. The baby's growth also seems to be on track now. However, they discovered calcium in the heart, so they did a blood test on it, but we will not have the results back from that for two weeks.
      Thanks for praying! I'll let you know when we get those results back!

    3. Thanks again for the update! I'm glad those two things have gone, and I'll continue to be praying!

  2. It is so awesome you feature prayer requests, Kara! You have such a sweet, kind heart and I pray God continues to bless your life. I'm blessed to call you friend.
    Also, did you redesign your blog? It looks different from last time I was here. Either way, it's absolutely lovely! :)

    1. Aww thanks so much Sarah! I am so blessed that God allowed us to "meet" and become friends (through talking about Sherlock and North and South - which was a lot of fun).
      Maybe it has been redesigned but I don't know for sure - when were you on last? I can't take the credit for the design, because other then the header it was all designed by a fellow blogger.

  3. Thank you so much for putting up the prayer requests, and everyone for your prayers. The father of the family that I asked for prayers for has had a good recovery. Again, thank you! ♥
    ~ S. F.


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