Scarlet {Part 1}

8:04 AM

Hola readers! I've recently written a story for a story contest and I thought I'd share it with you. Here it 'tis. 

I am Scarlet. As I write, I am in the land of the prosperous and the undying. It is a place that is almost perfect (or so it seems from the outside). I have not always lived here, but I came by my own will. This place is my destiny. 
However, I was born in a world opposite from this one. It had death and was not perfect. I loved that land, but strangely I do not miss it. 
 Two summers past when I was a young maiden, I was hunting in the woods behind my home. It was dawn, and fog rolled over the hills. My parents had just died, and though I could take care of myself, I missed them. 
 I soon saw a deer close by, and crouching down slowly readied my bow. Without warning a bright light suddenly appeared. It shined around me and I was almost blinded. It was a clear light - brilliant and white. I fell back, the bow falling from my hands. 
A man stood before me, his hair touching his shoulders, and as I stared harder it appeared to glow. 
 I wasn't scared and I found that odd. Aren't you supposed to be scared when things appear out of nowhere? 
"I am one of the Light Bearers," he said solemnly. 
"I don't know of your kind," I replied timidly.  
"We bring the Light into the Darkness." he answered gravely. 
I sat there stupidy. 
"We Light Bearers are few - weakened by the evil hand. You are called to join us and bring Light to the darkened corners of the world - the places inflicted with dark magic. The peoples' minds are poinsoned by this magic, and they grow to hate the Light, kindness, and peace. They now want war."
"Called?" I didn't what he was talking about. I reached for an arrow from my quiver before I realized my bow lay on the ground. 
"I mean no harm." The Light Bearer gazed at me, and I felt he could see to my soul. "Well?" he prodded. 
I stared at him blankly.
"I have no worth....I'm not...brave." I finally manged to say.
"You have worth no matter who you are," he replied gently. 
I didn't know how to answer. Something within me stirred and I very much wanted to say yes. Though I didn't feel courageous, I nodded. 
"You'll learn your destiny in time " he said smiling. Then he was gone, and the Light with him. 
Now everything looked dark - even the sun didn't match the glory of the Light. The Light Bearer seemed to have chased away all ominous things while he had been there with the Light Would I be able to do the same? 
As I was having these thoughts, I found myself arriving in another country and time. I was at a place I had known nothing of before but abruptly did. I was at a train station. Back home I was a girl with little knowledge,  but as I stood there I clearly saw where I was. 
A train - there glistening in the sunlight. Oddly all was silent. Even odder still - I was wearing queer clothes. A long white skirt and shirt. 
Right then I knew what I should do. On the last boxcar the door was opened, and in that peculiar place it seemed the thing I should be doing. I wasn't afraid as I clamored up - that is until there was a clanging and everything began to move. Quickly it clattered along the tracks, the trees blurring into one green mass. 

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  1. And then? AND THEN? Sure, leave us on a cliff hanger. . . ;) I'm excited for the next part!
    ~ S. F.

  2. That's so cool! Please do share the other parts!


    1. I certainly will Chloe - be on the lookout for part 2. =) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yay! Congrats, Kara. Wishing you the best with your story... with all the Indie publishing that's going on, one wonders if that isn't the way to go. :)


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