That's So Kara #7 {Country Girl Edition}

8:12 AM

Hola everyone! Before you read this post note the following: If don't consider yourself a "country person" and more of a "city/in town sort of person", then know I am not trying to say that living in the country is better. I just love my home, the state where it's located, the mountains, the hiking, the fields, the sunsets - everything. And from my love I thought it'd be fun to do a "That's SO Kara" post. Enjoy!

Very true. It's not a southern "y'all" but still... ☺

I am currently learning the ways of the road but my parents wave at random drivers all the time. My Dad pretty much does it to every car that passes. 
This is a post I've been wanting to do - why I don't wear makeup. I'll just leave it at for now and go into details later. 
The one reason I don't wear much nail polish. I work in the garden all summer and it's just a waste of time to paint my nails. 

In the evenings I sit outside and take in the silence.... 

One of the reasons I love sleeping in a tent. =)

Yep - the ones I wear to church on Sundays 

Not always - when I go into the city I'm usually in awe. Big buildings, tons of people, the shopping you can do... after a few days though I miss home, the quiet, hearing the crickets, going outside whenever, hiking. Still I do enjoy the city - don't take me wrong. 

Ok so if you see me at first glance you'd probably assume that I'm not " a country girl". I don't listen to country music, ride horses, or say, "ain't". I wear skinny jeans sometimes, I want to learn to skateboard, I enjoy watching TV, and like to go on the computer.  I do however love going barefoot, wearing my camo pants in the winter, working in the garden, hunting for mushrooms, walking in the woods, and that sort of thing. Around the house I wear t-shirts and my hair in a ponytail, and dream of going camping and hunting. I'm a country/mountain type of girl at heart. =) 
So yeah... a random post for today. =) 

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  1. Crickets at night...that is one of my favorite sounds in the world <3 I say "y'all" sometimes too. Actually I said it once and someone asked me "where are you from?" and I'm like "Vermont" and they gave me a strange look. xD It sounds like you live in a beautiful place, Kara!

    1. This happened to me too except it was on Pinterest and the pinner was like, "!" when I told her I was far from southern.
      Yes, it is a very beautiful place here - I love it! I've never been to Vermont but it sounds nice up there. Thanks for commenting Katie. ☺


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