101 Things Every Girl Should Know {Book Review}

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101 Things Every Girl Should Know is one of those books many, many, young teens and tweens will probably find helpful. From picking out a signature sent, to making lip balm, to talking to your crush, to during a split, this book seems to have a lot covered! It's a book with 101 things to learn and read. 
Many books have an age range and since this book is from FaithGirlz (where a lot of the books from them are for tweens), I assumed it would be for twelve to fifteen year olds. However, the pictures of the girls in about 50% of the pictures are sixteen or up, giving everything a more "teen feel". That and the fashion tips where you see popular stars such as, Olivia Holt, Selena Gomez, the lead star of Divergent, and the like.  
I give the book this - as an almost seventeen year old young lady, I found a lot of the tips helpful. I've always wanted to know how to dive off a diving board and how to do the splits .
 There is two things I will complain about - sometimes the info appeared pretty vague. It says we need to read more and I was hoping for a list of good books to try. It said to play with the children you babysit and I hoped it would show at least one good game to play. I just wanted a bit more info - this would have been way more helpful!
Also, there is a a lot of "teen talk" (as in slang and the like). They want it apparently to feel as if it's from one teen to another, which is fine, but could be annoying. Think words like, "chill", "go see a doc", and I'm pretty sure they said things like, "don't worry girlfriend!". 
Other then these two minor faults, I enjoyed the book, and I recommend it for girls fifteen and under. The cover is cute by the way and matches the feel of the book for sure!

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