Fandom Friday {10} My Thoughts on Les Miserables

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Hola everyone and happy Friday! So yes *gasp* I watched Les Miserables. This was only possible because our little library had a book and movie sale and this DVD came up for $1. I'd heard many good things about the movie so how could I resist? 
Korin, Mama, and I watched it around a week ago and let's just say I was surprised (both pleasantly and not so pleasantly).
 I'd seen the 50s version of Les Mis (about three years ago), so I knew the story line before even beginning.
After first seeing the trailer I knew in this one they sing - I just didn't know they sang through.... wait for it.... the whole movie! Yes, they did talk a little more toward the end, but mainly (about 98%) of the film was in song. I'm not a huge fan of musicals myself. I have seen The Sound of Music and Newsies (two of my favorite movies by the way), but at least they spoke (quite a lot actually). All the singing here in this one distracted me from plot. I did (and do) love Do You Hear The People Sing, which my family heard about 100 times on repeat because I sat in the dining room listening to it on youtube. 
The acting was brilliant, and I had no clue that Russell Crowe could sing! Each person did fantastic, except for a few certain people...why the strange looking prostitutes, and the stupid actions of these guys...

They were obviously there to add humor, but instead I felt they were there for no reason. The plot didn't thicken too much with them as it did in the 50s version! Their humor felt crude much of the time, and I wasn't entertained. It was just painful to watch. 
So far all the roles that Helen Bonham Carter (Cinderella and Great Expectations) played in, I've never been a huge fan of. She does bring something unique (I'll give her that), but still.... the role the two played in Les Mes didn't feel right.
I did enjoy many of the actors' and actresses' roles however. Marius was one of my favorite characters hands down! Though I thought his and Cosette's relationship (no matter what version of the movie you see), went too quickly, it still was sweet and heartwarming. I enjoyed Marius from the beginning, and boy could he sing!
I also loved Fantine's character! However I will say this - here in this version it never explained her character too much, which was a big downer. I knew about her before so I could easily keep up, but a stranger to Les Mes might not have been able to as well. 

And then... the end of it all... *sigh*. I will say I went very emotional near the end - near tears. The French Revolution was a hard time in France's history -  a very brutal time. Even watching a Tale of Two Cities much of the time brings me to tears. The songs toward the end of Les Mes moved me. The action intense. The characters' deaths so very sad! I didn't think I'd like the ending, and actually almost didn't finish the movie when was I was half way through, but I did and I'm so very glad! 
To sum this post up...
I hated certain aspects of Les Mes and loved others! This movie was beautiful, and though many said it was funny I didn't think the creators should have portrayed it that way. I didn't see the humor - only the pain, love, and other emotions that swept me up. 
I probably will see this one again, and just hit fast forward on the places I thought too silly for my taste.

And I just have to put this on here because....

he's just too cute not to. When he died... OH MY HEART! I love when kids come into a dark movie because it makes it just a little lighter. He reminded me of Archie in Sherlock - does he not?

So what did you think of Les Miserables? I'd love to know! 


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