Five Fictional Men Whose Qualities Should Be On Our Future Husband List

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Hola everyone! 
Us ladies tend to "fall in love" with fictional guys and fangirl over them together - commenting on how amazin' and handsome they are. Just the other day though, I was wondering - what qualities make some of our favorite fictional guys so endearing to us? I don't want to just see their looks!
 I thought about it for awhile and came up with this list, "Five Fictional Men Whose Qualities Should Be On Our Our Future Husband List." This isn't a list on how he looks, but what qualities we can look for in our own future husband. 

1.  This is a character many of us should recognize - even those who haven't seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy or mastered the books. I've noticed that he's a favorite character of many fans and here is a quality that I really admire. In the books you will read about how Aragorn fell in love with the elf Arwen. Her father however said that Arwen would have to wait for Aragorn to marry her - Aragorn would have to prove himself worthy (correct me if I'm wrong, LOTR nerds). So he went out into the wilderness, becoming Strider, until he would have the chance to become King and claim his bride. How romantic is that, ladies?! Notice - he waited for Arwen, and respected her father's wishes. That didn't mean he loved her less, but it instead showed his integrity. He thought Arwen was worth the wait, and even when Eowyn showed that she had feelings for him, still he waited. 

2. The above isn't a picture of Dr. John H. Watson, but the quote from him is so sweet so I'm using the picture anyway. OK so personally I don't think we can use Watson and Mary as a perfect relationship example, but one quality that popped out into season 3 from John was this... he forgave Mary. He saw that she wasn't perfect, that she'd lied, that she'd shot Sherlock, etc, etc, yet still he forgave her. It wasn't easy for him and he struggled with the forgiveness, but still he forgave. From what I've seen in marriage and dating relationships, forgiveness is a huge part of it all working out. You and your boyfriend (or husband) will have to learn to forgive each other and other people. The man you marry must not let his pride get in the way - he must be willing to forgive. 

3.  Robin Hood (from the BBC 2005-2009 TV show)
So Robin isn't perfect either (what guy is?), but one thing that always stood out to me in Marian and his' relationship was this - he looked out for her. When Guy was trying to win Marian over, you could see Robin staying close behind to make sure she was OK. When Guy and Marian were alone Robin was staring through a window, making sure nothing happened. To me this is sweet. When I fall head-over-heels for a guy, I want him to want to protect me. Now I don't want him to go to the extreme where I can't even talk to a guy without my boyfriend saying something, but I do want him to be watching out for me. 

4. Mr. Darcy
How can we forget him? The man who was one of my first fictional crushes as an eleven year old girl. Anyway, Mr. Darcy has a lot of good qualities (let's face it =), but one is this... he was willing to help those who didn't deserve it. Did Lydia and Mr. Wickham deserve Mr. Darcy helping them? No. Did the Bennets deserve his help after they'd been pretty judgmental of his behavior? Both Lizzy and Darcy had been wrong - I'm not saying that it was just the Bennets - I'm just saying they didn't really deserve his help. He gave it willingly for Lizzy's sake.   

5.  Jack!!!!
He helps Elizabeth see who she needs to be. He helps her calm down when things get rough, sticks up for her, gives her advice, and is her friend. The guy we marry needs to be our best friend - someone who helps us become who God wants us to be. 
Note: I haven't seen season 2 so I'm going by season 1 of the show!

So there. Can you think of some fictional guys to make the list longer? What do you think of mine?

List of qualities I listed today....
• A man who waits for you
• A man who forgives even when it isn't easy
• A man who watches out for you no matter what
• A man who helps others - even those who don't deserve it
• A man who encourages you to become who God wants you to be

Now ladies that you've seen my list know this - we probably all want a man like this, but are we the women who that man will want to marry? We also need to see how we need to work on our own qualities to become ladies after God's heart. 

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